About Us

Our Philosophy, vision and customer service outlook that has made us a local household name for over 17 years.

Insurance Claims and Real Estate Estimates

We Work With Insurance Claims

Has your chimney been damaged by a fire, storm, or possibly lightning? We provide thorough documentation on our inspection reports for insurance claims.

Real Estate Estimates Welcome

Buying or selling a home and need a chimney inspection or repair work? We work with many realtors to get the job done quickly and stress free.

Certified Chimney Sweep®

Our sweeps are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Certification means we have been thoroughly trained, and educated to properly work on any chimney system, and know all the codes and standards.

Our Philosophy

Being certified with the Chimney Safety Institute of America not only brings peace of mind but a wealth of knowledge in the field. Whether your chimney needs swept, inspected, re-lined, rebuilt, repointed, cap installation, crown repair, or damper repair, we have you covered.

Our business philosophy is “like we were never there”. What this means is, we do whatever it takes to make sure that when we leave your home there is no mess, like we were never there. We use drop cloths, shoe covers, and a huge ‘Soot Vac’ that is specially designed to filter out any fine soot particles out of the air.

When you schedule with us, you will have a professional company enter your home. We will be courteous, respectful, clean shaven, wearing a crisp clean uniform, and clean shoes. Our truck is new, professionally lettered, and always clean.

And the most important thing when you schedule with us? You will have a company that truly values and appreciates your business. We will strive to retain your business, after all, it is your money and it is our job to make sure that each and every customer gets the most for their money.

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